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About me

Adam’s journey into dog training started with the adoption of his pitbull, Archimedes. Despite the initial struggle, Adam was dedicated to helping him and Archie live a better life together. The more Adam learned, the more he realized there was to learn.

Adam began to work at a dog daycare in 2015, and loved every opportunity to learn in that environment. Each day Adam would come home from work and learn as much as he could and share and apply that knowledge, while being mentored by the owners.

His interest grew as time went on to work with the reactive dogs that didn’t do well in the daycare environment. Each dog and owner were a unique puzzle to solve. It was then Adam began to understand the importance of a strong training foundation for every dog and owner.

After working under the guidance of multiple trainers and shadowing with training, Adam shifted back to the daycare environment to help build up Luna’s Landing Daycare. Adam continued to work with clients to help their dog not only build the social skills, but work them outside of the daycare environment.

The desire to start his own business has been growing ever since, Adam wanted to create a way to empower clients, while giving a nod to his own journey with Archie, hence Arch Canine was born.

Training Philosophy

Training isn't a one-size-fits all approach. Each dog and owner have a unique relationship and needs. 
Building a strong relationship between dog and owner is essential for success. It's important we find the appropriate tools and approaches to help create healthy and long-lasting results. 

Beyond helping client's reach their goals, it's important clients feel empowered with their dog. Our training focuses on teaching clients how to communicate effectively with their dogs, and how to take what they have learned to problem-solve anything that they may encounter in the life with their dog.

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